ICC Sports

Not long ago and dizzying way, a new concept in sports and especially in the world of golf has been established around the world: TPI. Titleist Performance Institute is a real laboratory of the world of sport, and raise the learning of sport through what they call a long term athletic development. Its basic idea is very simple: If athletes develop their activities so that their physical evolves and will not suffer, gets to be the best athletes and lengthen his sporting life. This premise was the original idea of Titleist, manufacturer of sports equipment, that trying to discover how to improve your sales, realized that if the life of the athlete widened it was inevitable that this should continue buying. And they all got to work creating the ICC, which currently apply in their programmes of technological advancement such as the Royal Spanish Golf Federation entities, or summer camps for children courses Travel in your activity daily golfing, among others. The system of work that is applied is so simple that it seems incredible that not has been developed so far nothing similar, although there is no doubt that the investment in research and applied knowledge requires the highest technical level by TPI. It’s some simple physical tests, which not even need a gym or specific devices, that will give us a reflection of the fitness of each part of the body of the athlete. In turn, analysing the technical gesture of the athlete is easily detected as certain technical errors match body parts which have some type of weakness. From there it’s work specifically that part or parts of the body with problems, so facilitate us the implementation of a proper sports technical movement. TPI has become part of the daily life of large professional golfers and amateurs around the world, but they also work in many other sports which requires a gesture launch technician, as American football, baseball, etc.