Held In The Swimming Pool The Karlsruhe To The Social Media Night Go

The Karlsruhe social-media scene in summer weather for the third social media night met on July 24, 2012. The Karlsruhe social-media scene in summer weather for the third social media night met on July 24, 2012. The role of Paseo marketing here: co-organizer of Somenika (social media night Karslruhe) and speaker post. The Karlsruhe local chapter, which celebrated its first birthday in July, was founded by Michael M. Roth reminiscent of the social media Club in the United States, there is since 2006. Human media interaction was the motto”very just. With the help of the growing community, successful PR work, diligent organization and numerous unilateral engagements, it was to welcome possible over 100 visitors in the strongest participants Somenika? At a press conference with Paseo marketing Managing Director Soren Munk and Michael M. Roth, chapter leader of the social media Club Karlsruhe, positive awareness in the regional media landscape was created already in advance.

The event was at the Karlsruhe Stadthalle carried out. The lectures covered various subject areas and loose, the atmosphere was pleasant. Why, how, and for whom is social media relevant? Julia Scharmann, head of media strategy at Paseo marketing answered these questions. The example of Gorilla sports, she showed what can be achieved with a successful social media management. Cyberchampion Bastian Karweg, founder of Echobot and Socialindex, gave a very inspiring talk. Seven illustrative examples from the business sector, also he showed guests how can use social media for the benefit of his company. Also impressive: lawyer Dr. Carsten Ulbricht of the Stuttgart-based firm diem & partner: amusing and informative way and way mediated the legal aspects of social media everyday a feat in the short of time.

In the aftermath, there was many good conversations at the expert tables, new contacts have been established and follow-up appointments. The series of events following Karlsruhe of other German and international local chapters. So supplied in the region of enthusiasts and professionals in pleasant, entertaining, and informative way regularly changing topics. At least a more social media night in Karlsruhe this year is already in planning. Also here Paseo marketing will participate again – organizational and/or content.