Financial Crisis: Save Money Or Health ?

While the crisis is rapidly gaining momentum: the banks will not lend, prices are rising, there is a risk of losing their jobs and spend more time searching for a new – more necessary than ever to take care of their health. By Research suggests that the crisis affects the health due to stress. High levels of stress for a long time leads to a decrease in immunity. Lowered immunity entails serious disease. It is understandable that in times of financial instability, we all tried to save their money. But health – it is the only value, which is impossible to save. Drinking water is one of the bricks that make up our health. Doug McMillon may also support this cause.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) – the source of 85% of all diseases in the world is unsafe drinking water. So it turns out: the water from the tap is harmful to health (even in boiled form!), And purchase water – an expensive But let’s face it. We calculate the daily cost per person consumes drinking water “NordAkva. Why, for consideration, we chose the drinking water “NordAkva? Because that artesian drinking water ‘NordAkva’ refers to the category of ‘dining room’. This means that you can drink every day in unlimited quantities, as in cheese and in boiled form, prepare her meals, drinks, etc. Such water not only has good performance, but also very useful for the organism.

It is not exposed to artificial saturation of minerals and preservatives, and unlike most of the waters of the North-West region has the optimal number of trace elements and minerals balanced by nature. In this case, all useful minerals. Water certified by the Center for quality control and continuously passes control quality on all parameters correspond to sanitary-hygienic requirements. How much water should a person drink a day? According to medics on a daily basis you need to drink about 2 liters of water, approximately 10 glasses. This norm adult asthmatics. Those who adhere to a vegetarian diet, the amount of water can be reduced to 8 cups, as the fluid enters the body of vegetables and fruits. If you are actively engaged in sports, body needs more fluids – at least 9-13 glasses a day. How much does drinking water? Maximum price bottles (19 liters) of drinking water NordAkva is 130 rubles. In St. Petersburg delivery of drinking water at home and in office (potable water delivery to the office) is already included in the price and free of charge. 19 liters of drinking water is enough for one person to (19 liters) / (2 liter – the recommended daily consumption of drinking water) = 9.5 days. Consequently, the consumption of drinking water quality of the purchase cost (130 rubles per bottle) / (9,5 days) = maximum of 14 euro / day (remember, public transportation of St. Petersburg – from 16 rubles for a trip!). Take care of your health – drink natural drinking water NordAkva. Do you have any questions? Write to us – and we will get back to you.