Family Health And Longevity

Do you want to live to 120 years, but not in sclerosis and senile impotence, and of sound mind and perfect state of health? Many studies have been conducted, it is enough scientific papers written and made them into a single conclusion: health Family and human longevity are directly dependent on the activity of his life. Our famous countryman and star of classical Russian literature, Tolstoy wrote about his lifestyle as follows. In continuous mental work, with no traffic in the evening I can neither read nor write, nor to listen! I not worked with his hands and feet without going through I walk during the day – and I do not can, insomnia at night overpowered. However, many people do not want attach importance to such a valuable experience for family health and longevity. They underestimate the importance of fitness for his health, the health and well-being. Some people do not begin classes, because they consider themselves chronically ill and afraid of harming your body.

Others are simply too lazy to make themselves and they prefer to put their lives on the course. Still others fall into the other extreme and become involved in any intense way whether newfangled kind of fitness or an extreme sport, it is not given the age characteristics of the body and some restrictions on health. On those categories of citizens who do not start classes, afraid to aggravate his chronic illness, I want to say that regular moderate-intensity fitness, classes that start, gradually increasing the load, is shown at any age and any chronic diseases (with the exception – the stage of aggravation).