Campus Learning Management Systems

Despite the fans of most of these social networks and mobile phones, almost 75% of the interviewed students choose books of printed text rather than text books digital (eTexts): the habit of reading in book paper s, its appearance and feeling, persistence and the ability to be resold are the main arguments. Also the majority of respondents (60%) valued textbooks, printed or digital, of which almost all can be purchased at the University Bookstore (65%). However, buying these books online continues to grow: one fifth of the students claimed that they bought textbooks at Amazon. Finally, perhaps due to increased prices, the rent of textbooks was chosen by 11% of the students surveyed, rather than buy them or download them. Other results that have already advanced are: * students look at the bargains. Respondents said that they often buy previous editions of a textbook (16%) or in (the international versions 18% did it at least once). ** The piracy is a widespread phenomenon.

Over 40% of respondents claimed to purchase a textbook from a pirate web site, or know others who have them. Learning tools have good reception. Study and teaching online management systems guides type Campus Learning Management Systems – such as Blackboard and WebCT and self evaluation tests are highly valued by respondents. * However, other learning tools are less valued, such as online tutorials or the audio of Studio. That college students still prefer printed books for the study seems normal, since its use is favored by custom and habit. Despite everything, there is a proliferation of digital texts which more or less rapidly, going to be increasing. It is true that there is still way to do about it. It is not just digitize textbooks much of elaborating those texts in a manner according to a digital environment in the teaching that It also requires a training and learning the use of new technologies and possibilities in teaching. This includes not only the students but also the teachers formation.