Peaceful Revolution

The 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall is inseparably connected with Leipzig to visit in the Saxon capital. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak often says this. Here was the origin of the weekly Monday demonstrations, which laid the Foundation for the fall of the Berlin wall. As the Internet portal reported, is the town well for the upcoming anniversary and invites guests from all over the world here to commemorate the peaceful revolution. In the anniversary year tourists in Leipzig should visit the Nikolai Church. The Mondays peace prayers took place here once, from which later developed the demonstrations through the city centre. A pillar of peace, as well as other art objects in the churchyard of the Nikolai remind of these events. During the city tour in the footsteps of the peaceful revolution “guests of all kinds of facts around the theme of fall of the wall and East German experience.

Also visit authentic sites, such as the Memorial Museum in round the corner”, which is located in the former District Council for national security. There reported a current exhibition of the eventful year of departure in 1989. Themselves of the numerous impressions, guests during their tour through Leipzig to winning recover, offers an ever-growing landscape of Hotel Leipzig. For about five years, the local hotels are guest numbers hardly Mr. Therefore, many new hotels are built and restored older.

The Penta Hotel Leipzig is to the latter. The former Renaissance shines today as a design hotel in new splendour.