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When his best buddy to their worst nightmare is Director and comedy expert John Hamburg simply reverses the typical elements of a relationship history and adapted it to a male friendship. Peter engaged in this wacky, funny comedies highlight (Paul Rudd, known from “The first time”) with the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, he has no single friend who could be his best man, until he on Sydney (Jason sailing) is true – the ultimate ‘Dude’ and an absolute mess. Peters and Sydney’s “Brotherhood” catapulted the field of male friendship in unimagined heights and reveals what it really means to be a friend. Comedy fans can enjoy bonus material a freaky story and hilarious, because Paramount Pictures released the comedy of a different kind on September 17 on DVD and Blu-ray. A purely male partner comedy with best man wanted! Comedy specialist his latest fun presents John Hamburg – a comedy about male relationship problems only. The Director ended up as author of ‘My bride, her father and I’ a roaring success and enters with best man wanted! a completely new field of romantic comedy. In this film Hamburg suggests first the audience, involves the long-standing pattern of love comedy: Peter successfully operates as a real estate broker and also in private life, everything goes around since 30th birthday: Peter’s dream girl, the beautiful Zooey (Rashida Jones), has accepted his marriage proposal.

When he however looks back at the plans for the wedding on his wild bachelor life, he horrified notes that he so far out finally had to do with women. There is no single friend whom he could elect to the groomsmen. As soon as possible, Peter of the problem takes, and embarks on a series of extremely bizarre and awkward dates with strangers. Despite the tips of his gay little brother Robbie (Andy Samberg) each date ends with a fiasco. As Peter has already given up hope, Bon Vivant runs him and Slacker Sydney on the way. After the first schuchternenAnnaherungsversuchen, Peter believes to have found the “man for life”. But the close friendship with Sydney makes for his fiancee to a hard test the relationship… BEST MAN WANTED! a humorous hymn is true man friend-beam with great jokes from the comedy experts of the top title “and then came Polly” and “my bride, her father and I’!