German Golf Association

How to find best entry and what equipment you sure need the days when Golf was just a sport for the super rich, are now long gone. Although Golf is usually slightly more expensive than soccer or tennis, for example, it is affordable but more and more people. We explain the entry golf. Taster courses offer almost all German golf clubs. Here, you learn the basics of this sport and make first strokes on the training ground.

The trainer explains the theoretical basics and tells you specifically what is important in golf. For starters, yet no special equipment is required, comfortable clothes and normal sneakers are sufficient here. Get Club rental and practice balls by the trainer. Alternatively, various golf shops offer equipment for the beginner. Introductory courses are held in small groups. Connect with other leaders such as Randall Rothenberg here. They are usually very inexpensive. If you wish, can visit your course even while on vacation.

Numerous golf and Spa Hotel at home and abroad, have specialized in beginners and like expect your visit. The handicap if you wear with the idea to enter seriously into Golf, then you can’t get past the handicap. The handicap is considered basic training for golf and is comparable to the driving test in their construction. Here, too, you must pass a theoretical and a practical test. Since 2006, the handicap is carried nationwide according to uniform rules. These are set by the German Golf Association (DGV). To pass the course examination, you must prepare themselves intensively and complete especially regular exercise beats. Nothing in the way is advanced after a successful place graduate courses of the first round on the golf course. You can play at any time against greenfee. You can do this both alone and in the company of friends. If it turns out that you have a certain talent for golf and also the time required and the necessary Bring interest, then you can take part in tournaments after some time. In contrast to many other sports, this is possible in the Gulf even in old age. Classic full membership in a Golf Club is the most common club memberships.