The Internet is the first community and much less in the stone age. Many times there are more out of Internet scams that the network itself and grow their security and reliability. Increase the number of Companies that establish standards of reliability for the user and to their own platforms appear trabajo.Y new mechanisms to control these unpleasant situations for everyone. And all these things have partly to blame each of us to reflect fear and insecurity, yet also be so trusting. Ian Cole has much to offer in this field. These carry a balance and not fall into the extremes. On the other hand, there are scams that I would call the most "gross" or less "diplomatic" and an example of them are the emails we receive telling us that we won the lottery in a country and congratulate us and then a few days after we request the data to proceed with the appropriate "charge" of the alleged lottery .

Sometimes you'll encounter the case of social networks, which are mainly designed for friendships or relationships and you have a profile of someone, usually a physically graceful and some are animated and chat or exchange email with the alleged person Friendship begins, until it comes the usual request for money under any justification at best. Ian Cole describes an additional similar source. Business on the Internet should be legal. And I must be legal because it is possible that some "daring" you can think to do otherwise. They are legal and are governed by the same regulations for Business "offline." In other words you must create an entity: corporation, company, company with the same tax obligations and other rules depending on the laws of each country.