Carnival 2011 With Germany Celebrates Frivoler Than Ever

The flirt revellers are going on: cheating in the Carnival is an ancient tradition the high flirt factor Carnival is obvious. And also for the most ever a reason to celebrate. Once per year, you must officially with other German drinking songs and flirting? Remain faithful in the Carnival? No thanks! Cheating in the Carnival is a trivial offence and is rarely prosecuted or discovered… Which should equip themselves who want to put another on it, with a particularly Kinky costume from the Carnival Megastore: whether show funny, as a living giant breasts or super sharp Dreamgirl. With these fancy outfits, you can really steal the show from everyone in this Carnival season and provide an unforgettable appearance.

Costume tips for Carnival of who meet at a costume party a woman, see the best Carnival accompaniment should know what it expected flirting like when making love. Flirt expert Nicole Kleinhenz reveals what is behind the costumes: E.g. the nurse: women who dress up as, know that. what they want. Marc Lore is often quoted as being for or against this. The opposite is the case, simply add to your patient role.” The Devil: This lady is worth a sin. She’s flirting like the first step. If you are looking for an adventure, they sell your soul calm for a night.

The flirting expert warns: a devil is in bed rather quickly and violently to the thing. Expect not the eternal love. “By the way: an angel will, however, be seduced.” The Princess: Who wants to quickly arrive at your destination, should stay away better from her. Because women with Crown are usually looking for a Prince”, so the flirting expert. Potential partners can be found at while ‘Loyal’ also applies according to a recent poll by during the Carnival or Carnival as the highest good, but because no one keeps. Not women. Who is in the Carnival in Rio, has really good cards? To the question: Cheating in the Carnival is easier to tolerate than outside the great days?, said 83 Percent of the surveyed women and men over 14 years on No. Only 13 percent of women and 12 percent of men said they were more tolerant to the crazy time. More generous but were seniors and people with notoriously tight budget. Share of the page jump Tolerierer the great days is more than twice as high in this group with 28 percent. Flirt pub is a product of WEBMIDO – an Internet – and advertising agency from South Germany. Since early 2009 Webmido is a member of the largest German Internet Association eco”and was awarded with the eline award. Flirt pub has after Germany brought quick kissing world record the official Guinness with his employees for the first time and thus ensures high media attention. Owner Nicole Kleinhenz won the award business woman of the year”2010 Venus.