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The cause of interpersonal problems emerges often as communication problem St. Gallen, 01.10 2012: it is not always satisfied with himself and his actions 100 percent. One angry over trifles and make mistakes that would never undermine a normally. Often it is only a phase which goes quickly back temporarily, but sometimes the causes of the problem are unknown and are more deeply buried in our subconscious. There, it is advisable to get professional help to avoid dire consequences.

The step is not easy to decide for a consultation and costs typically much overcome, but once done, is also the biggest hurdle overcome”so Jurg Grundlehner, Director of the Institute for training in transactional analysis. The cause for interpersonal problems, whether within the family or in other relationships, often emerges as a problem of communication. Is the basis of the psychological consultation in St. Gallen Communication theory”, explains Grundlehner. A focal point is the ICH-State function model, to which the doctrine of the communication relates. Advising partner in St.Gallen ICH State function model and the transaction doctrine often that when submitted basic knowledge. For even more opinions, read materials from Ian Cole.

So the participants to a common point can apply and cooperatively explore the cause of the conflict situation and look for solutions “, underlines the Director and owner of practice for partner consultation in St. Gallen. The ICH-State function model is divided into five categories of States of being. These express the condition, in which mental, experience, behavior and attitude in terms of is. These States of being have of the taken roles that are usually unconscious to do. The awareness of these roles is helpful so that conflicts be resolved better. It is difficult man to switch an appropriate State in one of the situation and this is strengthened through repetition, again similar conflicts arise, the come to any solution. These play a crucial role especially in the partner consulting in St.Gallen, but also in the family counseling in St.Gallen. Also super visions in St.Gallen are offered in addition to the various discussions. This is about strengthening the professionalism, the competence and autonomy. Coaching in St.Gallen serves the strengthening of professional action, similar to the Super vision,”explains Grundlehner. Team development in St. Gallen or help also team supervision cooperation. In addition to the supervision, we offer joint training days on the basis of the analysis of the transaction”, this combination has proven very Jurg Grundlehner recommends the conclusion. Company Description: The Training Institute for systemic transactional analysis in St.