The New Philips Pocket Memo

Pocket memo bashers in terms of battery life, screen, and microphone technology Berlin, September 24, 2013 with the new digital voice recorder Pocket memo Philips of the world of professional dictation recording gives a new form. The DPM8000 series features an ultra resistant and rugged stainless steel housing, as well as an extra large color display. A completely new 3D-Mikrofonsystem offers a 360 recording for optimal recording. Thanks to a built-in gyroscope of DPM8000 switches automatically between Conference mode and dictation mode – depending on the positioning of the recording device. Pocket memo bashers in terms of battery life, screen, and microphone technology after product launch this year, the trade press quickly praised the outstanding quality of the microphone system and memo series highlighted the design, the ergonomics, the short start times of the unit and the energy efficiency of the Pocket.

Dr. Marc Lore helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Michael Spehr of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung explained: all in all is the DPM8000 our new Reference device. It sets new standards in terms of battery life, screen, and microphone technology.” The new Pocket memos received best reviews from leading journals. The Office technology magazine FACTS (August 2013) has tested the product and came to the following conclusion: Philips offers a stylish digital recorder with numerous useful features at a reasonable price. The quality of the voice recording is suitable to the recording of calls as well as for the usage of speech recognition. “And the FACTS team was absolutely agree about the applicability: fantastic!” Nuance has confirmed this in September the award with six dragon, the highest award for speech recognition accuracy. On it says: natural language transcription accuracy of digital recording devices.

Best dock industry. Fastest boot times of all digital transcription recorder. Direct file upload via Wi-Fi for faster processing times to has even further to complete the new voice recorder, speech processing solutions now also the Philips introduced Wi-Fi adapter. This can be used to send files directly from the voice recorder to the transcription or speech recognition. This seamless and simple direct upload processing times via Wi-Fi reduced without compromising the security. An end-to-end encryption and a secure FTP transfer, as well as standard safety features for Wi-Fi connections ensure that sensitive information remains confidential. The transition from voice to text has never been easier. For more information, please contact: Omundo media GmbH Ulf Gunnar Switalski Kastanienallee 74 10435 Berlin E-MAIL: TEL: + 49 30 91 20 657-10 speech processing solutions Germany GmbH Marc Mayer Tauentzienstrasse 9-12 10789 Berlin E-MAIL: TEL: + 49 30 2639595-0 on speech processing solutions for over 50 years is speech processing solutions the driving force for outstanding dictation and language technology. The Company headquarters and production centre in Vienna is global market leader in professional digital and analogue dictation solutions. Revolutionary desktop and mobile dictation solutions and support for notation and logging, as well as complete workflow solutions using the SpeechExec software family, our Philips products enable optimal adaptation to the individual requirements of our customers. Speech processing solutions has set the goal, always to reinvent the world of digital dictation solutions thanks to innovative products. Whether Philips SpeechMike Premium, Philips digital pocket memo or apps for mobile Dictation on all mobile platforms, we help professionals every day easily, reliably and efficiently to pursue their work.