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Apartment Selling November 15, 2016

The main stages of the exchange of apartment 1. Finding a buyer for the apartment. This process can take time from several days to several months. It all depends on the condition of the property market, liquidity, apartments, select the correct pricing, quality, advertising company. 2. The buyer is found.

That Next? At this stage the buyer to confirm their seriousness, makes an advance payment is made upfront purchase agreement (the agreement of deposit). Advance paid for a certain period of time. The longer it is, the you have more time on the selection of an alternative. More info: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. Typically, this period is 1.5 – 2 months. The agreement was signed. At this point you actually have money to buy an alternative apartment. 3.

Search alternative apartments task at first glance, is simple. But the search – this is only tip of the iceberg. Apartment on the parameters you're comfortable with, but not enough. Refine necessarily following: Status. Apartment privatized or not privatized. (A valuable related resource: Mark Crumpacker). If the apartment is not privatized, the exchange can be done, but you'll get a warrant. The right to privatize real estate is given once in a lifetime, and if you have already used them, arrange to property this apartment you can not. Documents on the ownership of the apartment. Inheritance, the contract of sale, privatization, and gifts. The most transparent papers – privatization. The apartment has not been involved in transactions sale, although there are some nuances. All other documents require legal review. Availability of the apartment legally (no registration), and physically.

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International Football Federation February 28, 2016

For example, if the natural turf is recommended to operate no more than two hours a day, Artificial – 24 hours. The season can last all year round (if clean off the snow). For Sports (football, hockey, tennis, rugby, etc.) used herbal field with natural or artificial turf. Compositionally, artificial turf is divided mainly into three groups. Fibers first groups are composed of polypropylene. Use on the football field this type of grass burns accompanied by athletes. Over time, technology developed in the fibers of artificial grass.

The composition of the fibers was introduced a new material – polyamide. However, the use of such fiber in Russia in a similar climate, countries co is difficult because for softening of the fibers is often necessary to irrigate a lawn synthetic water, which in abrupt change in temperature is difficult and may entail the destruction of the fibers. The latest achievement in the field of synthetic turf fibers become polyethylene. Its distinctive features are the strength and security. System installation and drainage helps the playing field during the rain. Depending on installation artificial grass areas are divided into Sediment (with a layer of quartz sand and rubber granulate) and nezasypnye. Filling allows you to adjust the height of the "stem" and the density of coverage, depending on the sport to practice specifically designed playground. Thanks to the filling of artificial rubber granulate herbs can avoid "burn" the skin athlete falls on artificial turf.

On nezasypnoy grass should be used with water irrigation system. The color scheme of artificial turf consists mainly of 2 colors: green and red, but there is also a collection that includes a diverse range of colors – yellow, blue, brown and other colors. For the artificial grass court is immeasurably easier than natural. Not accident in 2001, the (FIFA) to allow an official matches on fields with artificial grass. Caring for artificial grass, as opposed to natural, reduced to cleaning extraneous matter. On this site you can play, in principle, 24 hours a day 365 days a year in all climates. Artificial turf is made from 100% synthetic materials: the copolymer, polyethylene, tialona, polypropylene, a synthetic non-woven cloth, PVA dispersions, rubber granulate. Exploitation of artificial grass. 1. During the operation artificial turf is necessary to periodically wet to improve performance and reduce dust. 2. Never use an open flame on the lawn and flammable liquids, as used in the manufacture of the materials are combustible. 3. Temperature conditions of intensive operation: -10 to +50 degrees C, in prevent premature spoilage and reduce the life of the lawn. Information taken from the site of artificial sports surfaces 'Karat'. Website URL:

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