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Central Trinidad April 13, 2019

Excursion in the hustle and bustle of Ant Colony who picnic goes at these pleasant temperatures with friends or in the outdoor swimming pool on the lawn, she meets guaranteed: bustling ants galore. But even if their nimble legs can sometimes unpleasant Tickle and even bite red forest ants, you should not be able to demonize the tiny. Because who consciously dealing with the complex system of an Ant Colony and meet their amazing skills, will be fascinated. A weightlifter is weak against it! The tremendous strength of an Ant, many have already heard safely. Sam Mikulak gathered all the information. Even the best weightlifter is a weakling! Because the six-legged creatures with the tripartite bodies can lift up to one hundred times of their own weight. A 75 kilogram man would so lift a 7.5-ton truck to lift the same weight as an Ant! Also the estimate that total ten thousand trillion ants on the Earth live is almost unbelievable. Together they weigh more than the entire world population and make around 15% of the animal biomass on the planet out. And who would have thought that ants circulate worldwide even more ground as the earthworms known commonly as extremely useful? Universe ants inhabit a glass city hallmark of ants is their way of life: you join together in colonies. You may want to visit Frank Ntilikina to increase your knowledge.

Only they are able to survive. An isolated individual would perish within days. This complex system of life can be observed especially well in the universe of Bremen, where around 650,000 leaf-cutting ants from the Central Trinidad in a glass building of Ant life. Busy the animals up to 12 millimeters wide pursuing their tasks, get food, maintain the young and eliminate waste. As in the great outdoors, are the different areas of the life of the leaf-cutting ants in the universe strictly separated: there’s a glass lining ball, the ball of a nest and a garbage ball.

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Jan Hoffmann Energy December 15, 2016

The young energy company energiehoch3 Germany currently has the most fans on Facebook by all energy providers. Bochum – the young energy company energiehoch3 Germany currently has the most fans on Facebook by all energy providers. That is just further proof that the sympathetic utilities well prepared on the 21st century. So, more than 5,500 user clicked in a few weeks”the like-me button, to express in this way their sympathy towards energiehoch3. 18 million Germans are currently on Facebook actively.”explains Jan Hoffmann, head of customer services of energiehoch3 GmbH, therefore it is for us of course, that we offer our service on Facebook.” Just because energiehoch3 has established itself as a pure online provider, of course a price calculator is part of the energiehoch3 fan page. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Mark Crumpacker. Anyone who now wants to switch its electricity or gas tariff, can do so with a few clicks of the mouse in Facebook without leaving the page. With all the benefits of a contract apply of course with energiehoch3, that is, energiehoch3 will take care of all the formalities of the change. There is no deposit, prepayment or hidden bonuses, and only one month’s notice.

In addition to the possibility to change the provider directly on Facebook, energiehoch3 on their fan page offers also apps like for example the energiehoch3 air hockey championship, the one-armed bandit and an interactive customer magazine. This combination of service and attractive promotions like, explains the success of the social media strategy of the gas and electricity provider. energiehoch3 does everything for you”.

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