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Natural Forma Using Tactical April 5, 2014

You are one of the many people who suffer of hemorroides, and surely these looking for the form of how eliminating this problem without the aid of expensive operations, nor either allying of some dangerous medecines, because permteme comunicarte that you have a safe and economic option, we did not speak of the great diversity of natural and medicinal plants that we found in the nature. In order to eliminate the hemorroides of natural form you will have to fulfill the following indications: At personal level: – He must put in his feeding products with fiber. – To make exercises with little effort. – To be special careful and cleaning continues of the hemorroides. – To take approximately 2 liters from daily water. Of natural form: (using natural products). Here we discovered a great variety of prescriptions and preparations that we can ingest or apply directly in the hemorroides for a direct influence: – The consumption of a medicinal plant as the tail of horse combined next to manzanilla realises generalized a tranquilizing and anti-inflammatory effect, its ingestion must be realised 3 times to the day like minimum stops to obtain good results.

If it wishes can apply honey to the taste to give necessary sweetness him besides using another medicinal product, instead of to use the sugar that is a little harmful. – The seat baths are another advantageous option to eliminate the hemorroides of natural form, the infusion of crust of oak with other grass like eucalyptus, in 1 liter of water we added 25 grams to him of each mentioned plant and at any moment to take it to untimed fire during 30 to 40 minutes revolviendo, later to let it rest by means of 15 minutes in a container or the bidet where you will clean up, soon to apply chestnut tree oil to the mixture and to clean well the zone manipulating it with taken care of the hemorroides. This will avoid that they do not bleed and not to maintain the hemorroides inflamed. – To peel a onion median we liquefied, it next to two teeth of mulberry garlic and one spoonful of butter without salt, when we have a homogenous mixture to apply it in the hemorroides, is more advisable to do it before sleeping to calm the annoyances; if you suffer of bleeding hemorroides, must eliminate garlic of this it prescribes.

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