German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is recommended because: is a companion dog, also is a dog’s assistance, herding dog, or protection dog. Temperament: The German shepherd dog is an animal of confidence, prepared to exit, willing to work and be loyal to its owner. However, like any other race, each dog has his personality, just like people. It is not necessarily true that every German Shepherd will be strong and courageous. Not all German shepherds are reliable protection dogs.

A combination of genetic variables and environmental factors determine ultimately that your dog is as an individual. 5 tips on how to choose a German Shepherd puppy: 1. before you see the puppy, meet the mother and father of the puppy. If the mother and father of the puppy is not available, you have less information about where your puppy can come. 2 Look at the environment in which they live puppies.

Look at the surroundings. Breeders have served the properties in the? that the dog is? Are kennels, home and outdoor well maintained and clean areas? 3. Look the environment where you live your puppy. It is the area clean and good condition is found? Is there any dog that walk on their own urine and defecation? If so, stay away from this puppy. It will be very difficult for the owner to teach your dog, since this is not concerned about lying in their own excrement. If you see a very clean dog which obviously prevents feces, chances are that it is a very clean dog and is much easier to teach. 4. Observe the litter of puppies. See how they play and how they interact with each other. Is there a puppy that is obviously not like the rest? There is another that is safe, strong and playful? 5 Meet the puppies. If you walk in the area where they live puppies and 5 puppies, only two are still running by your greeting, those are the two puppies should focus.