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Being Successful December 7, 2013

The precocious ejaculation is the name that occurs to the ejaculation that takes place early during the sex. Even though there is not much scientific information about the ideal duration of a sexual relation, speech of precocious ejaculation when this one happens before or immediately after the penetration, in fact takes place before which would wish the individual and its pair. The fundamental characteristic of the precocious ejaculation is that the man lacks a suitable voluntary control on his ejaculation, like consequence it arrives at the climax before time. In almost the totality of the cases it is a source of infortunio and desolation, and can sometimes affect not only the sexual life of the pair, but all the other aspects of the relation. The men who do not suffer this dysfunction exert the control of their ejaculation of natural way, relaxed, and this allows them to feel intense to please. The affected ones however, fight inner to resist to the ejaculation with enormous effort, and for that reason they are tightened and they do not enjoy. For that reason he is urgent that finds one solution to the problem of the precocious ejaculation, because the pleasure, the self-esteem, the quality of it sexual relations, the personal satisfaction and of the pair and the emotional stability depend in great way on the quality and the time that a man lasts before having his ejaculation. Some women can be believed little valued when they feel the jam of his pair to finish the act as a result of this situation, some can even lose interest to feel " manejadas" since its pair " it goes to punto" to disguise the precocious ejaculation almost immediately.

Lamentably the men can look for " remedies caseros" in order to pospone orgasmo and they move away physics and emotionally about the loving moment, they even deal with not paying attention to him to the sensations to please thinking about economic problems or other difficulties. Sometimes of erroneous way the adults we behaved immaturely looking for with impatience the fast and immediate pleasure. Nevertheless, when we learn to recognize the pleasure, to prorogue the most viable moment of the climax, we discovered that the pleasure can much be greater, long and immensely varied. This is what all the men assert after to have overcome the problem of the precocious ejaculation and after to have been able to dominate the final moment of orgasmo. Original author and source of the article.

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