Arch Back

Without bending your arms, straighten your torso and lift the barbell. Starting position: slightly Arch in lower back, bend your torso forward – slightly above parallel with the floor, but below the line is 30 degrees from horizontal. Legs slightly bent at the knees, his head aimed straight ahead. Strain the psoas and keep this posture until the end of the set. Rod "hangs" on the direct hands in front of shins. Inhale, hold your breath and pull the barbell to his waist. Elbows move strictly back-up and did not differ in side. Try to raise your elbows as high as possible.

Pull the rod to the remarkable efforts of the back muscles and shoulders. Do not relax your lumbar muscles before the end of the set. Pulling up the neck to the waist, exhale and slowly lower the barbell down. Perform next iteration. Tips During a pull the torso, legs and head should stay still. This primarily concerns the slope of the torso towards the floor – the torso should be parallel to the floor above and below line is 30 degrees with the horizontal. Taking its original position, make sure you are firmly standing on the floor. To this end, the distance between the feet should be shoulder width apart or be a little more, otherwise you will not succeed firmly fix the correct position of the back during exercise. Notice the grip: the distance between your hands should be slightly wider than shoulders. This ensures that you will do the exercise on the broad amplitude, raising the elbows above the level of the back.