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International Football Federation February 28, 2016

For example, if the natural turf is recommended to operate no more than two hours a day, Artificial – 24 hours. The season can last all year round (if clean off the snow). For Sports (football, hockey, tennis, rugby, etc.) used herbal field with natural or artificial turf. Compositionally, artificial turf is divided mainly into three groups. Fibers first groups are composed of polypropylene. Use on the football field this type of grass burns accompanied by athletes. Over time, technology developed in the fibers of artificial grass.

The composition of the fibers was introduced a new material – polyamide. However, the use of such fiber in Russia in a similar climate, countries co is difficult because for softening of the fibers is often necessary to irrigate a lawn synthetic water, which in abrupt change in temperature is difficult and may entail the destruction of the fibers. The latest achievement in the field of synthetic turf fibers become polyethylene. Its distinctive features are the strength and security. System installation and drainage helps the playing field during the rain. Depending on installation artificial grass areas are divided into Sediment (with a layer of quartz sand and rubber granulate) and nezasypnye. Filling allows you to adjust the height of the "stem" and the density of coverage, depending on the sport to practice specifically designed playground. Thanks to the filling of artificial rubber granulate herbs can avoid "burn" the skin athlete falls on artificial turf.

On nezasypnoy grass should be used with water irrigation system. The color scheme of artificial turf consists mainly of 2 colors: green and red, but there is also a collection that includes a diverse range of colors – yellow, blue, brown and other colors. For the artificial grass court is immeasurably easier than natural. Not accident in 2001, the (FIFA) to allow an official matches on fields with artificial grass. Caring for artificial grass, as opposed to natural, reduced to cleaning extraneous matter. On this site you can play, in principle, 24 hours a day 365 days a year in all climates. Artificial turf is made from 100% synthetic materials: the copolymer, polyethylene, tialona, polypropylene, a synthetic non-woven cloth, PVA dispersions, rubber granulate. Exploitation of artificial grass. 1. During the operation artificial turf is necessary to periodically wet to improve performance and reduce dust. 2. Never use an open flame on the lawn and flammable liquids, as used in the manufacture of the materials are combustible. 3. Temperature conditions of intensive operation: -10 to +50 degrees C, in prevent premature spoilage and reduce the life of the lawn. Information taken from the site of artificial sports surfaces 'Karat'. Website URL:

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Parque Tres February 25, 2016

River Plate Stadium this stadium is known popularly as El Monumental. He was one of the first large stadiums in South America, with a capacity of 70000 spectators. Other improvements have expanded its capacity until the current 76609, the largest nationwide. The national team plays in this stadium and is also home to massive music events. Argentine Polo horses (short) and Argentine polo players field are considered among the best in the world. This stadium is known as the Polo’s Cathedral. The stadium has a capacity of 30000 spectators and is used for musical events, pato and field hockey games. Among the most important teams of the country, we can appoint La Dolfina, Indian Chapaleufu, Ellerstina and La Aguada. The Argentine open Polo Championship, the most important tournament of the world, begins in late November. Hipodromo de Palermo is the Hippodrome with more history of Latin America. Its arena of 2400 metres track is among the most important in the world. Its most famous fan was Carlos Gardel, who used to sing in the studs Palermo and also was the owner of the horse lunatic. This rode it the Uruguayan jockey Irineo Leguisamo, one of the most notorious history. The Racecourse has three grandstands: the special, the officer (the most sophisticated of all, built in 1908 by the French architect Dujarric) and the Paddock near the pits and the roundabout’s display. Palermo runs during November the Gran Premio Nacional, the Argentine classic, and the final race of the Triple Crown (also written by dicks of fillies and Colts and the Jockey Club). Zoo in 1888, the municipality of Buenos Aires ordered that you part of the Parque Tres de Febrero (Palermo forests) should be destined for a zoo. When was opened, it had 650 specimens of 53 different species of the world. The Zoo has 18 hectares and since its privatization in 1991 had a great redesign.

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Held In The Swimming Pool The Karlsruhe To The Social Media Night Go February 7, 2016

The Karlsruhe social-media scene in summer weather for the third social media night met on July 24, 2012. The Karlsruhe social-media scene in summer weather for the third social media night met on July 24, 2012. The role of Paseo marketing here: co-organizer of Somenika (social media night Karslruhe) and speaker post. The Karlsruhe local chapter, which celebrated its first birthday in July, was founded by Michael M. Roth reminiscent of the social media Club in the United States, there is since 2006. Human media interaction was the motto”very just. With the help of the growing community, successful PR work, diligent organization and numerous unilateral engagements, it was to welcome possible over 100 visitors in the strongest participants Somenika? At a press conference with Paseo marketing Managing Director Soren Munk and Michael M. Roth, chapter leader of the social media Club Karlsruhe, positive awareness in the regional media landscape was created already in advance.

The event was at the Karlsruhe Stadthalle carried out. The lectures covered various subject areas and loose, the atmosphere was pleasant. Why, how, and for whom is social media relevant? Julia Scharmann, head of media strategy at Paseo marketing answered these questions. The example of Gorilla sports, she showed what can be achieved with a successful social media management. Cyberchampion Bastian Karweg, founder of Echobot and Socialindex, gave a very inspiring talk. Seven illustrative examples from the business sector, also he showed guests how can use social media for the benefit of his company. Also impressive: lawyer Dr. Carsten Ulbricht of the Stuttgart-based firm diem & partner: amusing and informative way and way mediated the legal aspects of social media everyday a feat in the short of time.

In the aftermath, there was many good conversations at the expert tables, new contacts have been established and follow-up appointments. The series of events following Karlsruhe of other German and international local chapters. So supplied in the region of enthusiasts and professionals in pleasant, entertaining, and informative way regularly changing topics. At least a more social media night in Karlsruhe this year is already in planning. Also here Paseo marketing will participate again – organizational and/or content.

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Mendoza Adventure Sports February 4, 2016

In Mendoza, the sum of beautiful landscapes and sunny climate becomes the equation ideal to unite sportsmen and nature lovers. Fans of the adrenaline of extreme sports and urban fauna that seeks to disconnect with simple walks outdoors, all found in Mendoza an offer made-to-measure. In Mendoza, tourism has as few places take advantage of the countless possibilities offered by the landscape and the natural environment. In the Cuyo province up to a museum can break with its traditional contemplative image and instead, offer an unforgettable adventure. Located within the estate Valenti, in the Central Department of Rivadavia, the military museum, a private family business, is the only one of its kind in the Argentina. It was created by descendants of immigrants in agradecimieto and sign of love to the Earth that so generously housed his ancestors.

The military the Central Museum calls on a tour of parts of a great historic value, between manual and automatic weaponry, survival items, uniforms and even combat vehicles. The journey takes us from the immortal gesta libertadora sanmartiniana until the recent Falklands war, passing through the two world wars that shook to the 20th century. The pampered children of the collection? A fragment of sable who accompanied Jose of San Martin during his liberation campaign and a saddle belonging to General Peron riding. But the attractive proposal for the Museum is not exhausted by the visit to its halls: La Central invites visitors to join history, nature and adventure through hiking, walks and even survival courses given by specialised personnel. Demonstrations and artistic performances receive the audacious to the return of the excursions. To regain strength, the Museum has a restaurant that offers both Mendoza typical delicacies and international cuisine classics. The military the Central Museum is located only 15 km from the main town in the match, Rivadavia.

And if the lodging in wineries supposed greater originality of accommodation in Mendoza, the Central double the bet by also providing hotel services to visitors. Without a doubt, not every day has the possibility of staying in a museum. But be, as in this case, a Museum for nothing traditional, for nothing static and changing Yes very, but very original.

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The F5 February 1, 2016

The more these niche businesses are founded, the greater will be the need to collect them. Here, price comparison sites go, do the work for you and make it easier for you to track. Compare prices – a website, to find them all? Free price comparison portals financed mainly through advertising and clickable banner. Many of them specialize in a type of products. Others extend their comparison services more and more because the lucrativeness and a natural desire of development, because everything has a price, can be compared with each other.

The offer is limited so no longer just to material goods, but also services of all kinds are offered on the Internet and can down be weighted so uncontrollably against each other. The interesting question will be whether there is an outstanding service provider again, which casts its shadow over all others and he is necessary, with the best offers to provide you, maybe from the farthest corner of the world. This vision of the future should be hard to meet. To first of all which should ultimate price search engine with all online shops and service providers must be connected. Also she would have to respond quickly enough to the price updates of the provider, which takes place in accordance with future perhaps every second, because all providers must quickly respond to each other, as is the case for example in the stock market. Constant updating requires capacity and much administrative work.

Not even the currently leading general search engine is capable of such an effort to operate. This is probably also because that neutral information no hourly or every minute must change to meet something. Prices, however, included the fierce competition, must the market adapt to, and as immediate as possible. This haste and haste, which is in the matter, offers of course then also breeding ground for crime and fraud. Unsuspecting could be linked at the bargain hunting on dubious pages, offering the promise that Offer would be only for a few minutes, so you should hurry up there and quickly enter their personal data for registration. However, it must be not always fraud. By the extremely rapid changes, offers perhaps in a natural way are already sold out, before you even can click the link. As a whole it must prove to be so, that a such an ultimate price comparison engine is perceived by most as a useful, which is hardly the case, 9 out of 10 people interested in the tube would be looking for a bargain. They would be better advised to go on the main page and press the F5 button, every second what would void the purpose of price comparison portal that. But this can also be the future reality, because the benefits of a price comparison page is undisputed. The truth will be probably somewhere in the middle.

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Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba

ZP on Rubalcaba: is capable of winning an election in 10 months. Zapatero has said that he is a runner and time will prove him right. The first Vice-President of the Government, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, has given this Saturday if the request that the dome of the PSOE has made that he chooses to be the candidate of the party to the leadership of the Executive in the forthcoming general elections. Rubalcaba has thus appeared before the Committee of the Federal Executive of the PSOE which this Saturday at Ferraz was held to announce that it will present to the primaries: I am at your disposal, I’m going to submit to primaries, he said, to add that he believes that he has the support of the people of the party. It is true that I have always been available to my party and my country.

And I will campaign and ask the vote for the PSOE, has sentenced. In his speech to the highest organ of the party between congresses, he has praised that the PSOE in this process did an exercise in responsibility and maturity while respecting the times and forms.I came here having it done and I have not made nor a single declaration, they counted on the fingers of two hands colleagues who I have heard of this in private, he said. According to Rubalcaba, his candidacy for the primaries is motivated by three reasons: by my ideas, by the people, who hopes to give them reasons to return, and by the militants, has emphasized.It is the site, the place and the moment to say so to the match, said Rubalcaba. The Interior Minister has assured that since Sunday the PSOE has begun to make self-criticism.

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