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The Pick December 31, 2015

A pump transports the water generally upwards, but in this occasion it would pump the water downwards, multiplying the speed of the water obtained by gravity within the pipe. By logic, a greater speed of the water, will cause that the generators produce a greater amount of electricity. The electrical generation by gravity of the water is the same principle used in hydroelectric. The drainage pipe this several meters below the pick up pipe. The water attracts to meter below the level of the sea and ends between 8 and 15 meters (following the geography of the land) below the level of the sea, almost the evenness of the sea floor and using a vane (which works just as a wind vane) the water of the unloading pipe is eliminated.

When the waves go towards the beach, the vane is aligned with the current and the water spurt always will leave in the same direction that the sea current. This way, the water that leaves the pipe wrath against the sea current and will not flow without finding resistance, allowing that the current within all the pipe is not affected. This simultaneously maintains the exit of the pipe of drainage of strange bodies, sand, sweepings, etc. clean In addition, the vane counts on a cover that is closed when water of sea wants to enter and it is abre when the water spurt is drained. If all the pipe would have a length of 3 kilometers and we would put a generator each 200 meters one of the other within the pipe. Serian 15 generators, where each generator would be able to produce a Megavatio, power that is sufficient to supply to 1.000 homes. Reason why 15 generators would produce sufficient electricity like supplying to 15.000 homes, but like the pump to increase to the force or pressure of the water on the generators, the amount of produced electricity can be multiplied.

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Current Messedeko And Veranstaltungsdeko December 19, 2015

A professional Ballondeko is always a special eye-catcher. At trade fairs, business opening, and for all other events the appropriate decoration is searched again and again to attract the customers, an interesting solution is described here. A Ballondeko is made individually, taking into account also the respective company colours. A classic balloon decor is available in different variants: the balloon Garland: the balloon Garland there with different patterns, usually uses a so-called spiral pattern (double or simple rotation). This Garland can be made in any length, it must be only simple mounting options for hanging. Here an example: the balloon column: A balloon column consists of a stable substructure with corresponding weights, in order to ensure optimum.

The pillars are made usually 2 meters high, a giant balloon with 60 cm or 80 cm diameter can be mounted on the columns. Here an example: the balloon arch: A Balloon arch is basically an enhanced version of the balloon column, because here are 2 pillars connected with a structure and the balloons it linked. This bow is an eye-catcher for every entrance – the arc can be adjusted in length. Also find an example: this professional Ballondeko for any kind of events used, E.g. on measuring exhibitions, promotion, anniversary opening / reopening, promotions, parties, party, Festival, Festival, but also in the private sector on birthdays, weddings and many other events. More information about Ballondeko / Festdeko you find on the Internet: party Jorg Hulsmeier

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