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Destination One May 27, 2014

The penalty is increased of half, if the crime is practised: l – against threatened rare or considered species of extinguishing, despite only in the place of the infraction; ll – in period forbidden to the hunting; lll – during the night; lV – against license abuse; V – in unit of conservation; Vl – with job of methods or instruments capable to provoke destruction in mass. 5. The penalty is increased until the triple, if the crime elapses of the exercise of professional hunting. ART.31.

To introduce animal specimen in the Country, without seeming favorable official technician and license forwarded for competent authority: Penalty detention, of three months to one year, and fines. ART.32. To practise act of abuse, bad-treatments, to wound or to mutilate animals wild, domestic or domesticated, native or exotic: Penalty detention, of three months to one year, and fines. 1. Who incurs into the same penalties carries through painful or cruel experience in animal livings creature, despite for didactic or scientific ends, when to exist alternative resources. 2. The penalty is increased of one sixth to one tero, if death of animal 3 occurs – Destination of wild birds proceeding from the traffic and captivity.

3,1 Methodology the cost of the used material for the construction of the enclosure, feeding and maintenance would be deriving of apprehensions will be carried through a covenant with the Public prosecution service, where infractor defrays the construction of the enclosure and part of the feeding of these birds for a period stipulated for justice. This expenditure is referring the judiciary fines that the infractor pays the entity. The apprehended birds will be directed to the center of selection Chico Mendes in the city of Pirassununga, move until it final. It is considered for all effect that the city will keep the maintenance of workmanship hand human being and part of the feeding.

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American Senate May 20, 2014

In this point, reference to the reality of the American black groups can be made, when, although extinct the slavery, to be citizens the segregation and racial discrimination, as if it can observe in speaks of James Eastland, in 1954, cited for Joo Luis of Almeida Axe: The separation promotes harmony racial. It allows that each race follows its destination, develops its proper culture, its proper institutions, and its proper civilization. Segregation is not discrimination. Segregation is not a symbol of racial inferiority. The segregation is desired and supported by the vast majority of the members of the two races in the South, that live side by side in harmonious conditions. It is the law of the nature, is the law of God, who each race has as much the right how much the duty of if perpetuating. Free men have the right to order its children for schools of its preference, free of the interference of the government. (James Eastland, representative of the state of the Mississippi, in speech in the American Senate in 27 of May of 1954) 4.

This speaks happened when the Supreme Cut determined that the blacks would have right to frequent schools of whites, what took the whites to make barricades and manifestations against this determination. The separation mentioned public schools, transports, bathrooms and water throughs, municipal and state institutions to it. The harmonious conditions cited by Eastland, did not correspond to the reality, therefore the destined resources the schools and others for the blacks were scarce and of low quality. In this direction, valley to think about the development of the social life and the form as the citizens mobilizes the systems of beliefs. The white society took advantage in number, in quality of life, job chances, in resources, placing itself superior in relation to the black community, that was understood as sub-race, sub-people.

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Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro May 13, 2014

The President of Venezuela is still recovering in Havana after a cancerous tumor was removed. The Government denies that the cancer has spread to the colon or intestine. The President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, appeared in a new video recorded Saturday and broadcast Sunday by chain of State television Venezolana de Television (VTV), in which the President appears very talkative and eating fruit in the company of d I of daughters. Chavez, dressed in sportswear with the colors of his country, appears under a tree in a garden sitting at a table with his daughters Maria Gabriela and Rosa Virginia, telling anecdotes of his youth, while you enjoy a snack of, says Mandarin and mango. In the conversation, which lasted about 20 minutes of animated form and with the usual loquacity, Chavez sent greetings to several Presidents of America. Many thanks to Rafael Correa President of Ecuador, who gave me these lenses when we were in one of the trips, said Chavez, who in the initial part of the video appeared with sunglasses.

Chavez also said the Bolivian President, Evo Morales, and the former player of football Diego Maradona said they wanted to see a Havana. Evo already told me that he comes to see me here and also Maradona confirmed me, said the Venezuelan President. Ente others also greeted with great joy the Nicaraguan President, Daniel Ortega, and the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez, as well as to the Peruvian President, Alan Garcia. Philosophy in conversation with their daughters spoke of the work thus spoke Zarathustra, the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who, he said, occupies part of your reading time in the last days in Havana, where he said, rises every day at five in the morning. Happy birthday Venezuela, 200 years, ends Chavez video, with allusive greetings from Bicentennial which meets next Tuesday the South American country. The new images match multiple widespread pictures tambioen this Sunday in Havana with prints of the time referred to in the video. Chavez announced last Thursday that was removed a cancerous tumor and who receives treatment against the disease in Havana, where he arrived on June 8 and also underwent surgery for a pelvic abscess. Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro, insisted Sunday that the President was extracted the tumor completely and at time, and denied that he had cancer of colon or intestine, in addition, ensure that it is in an almost miraculous recovery process. Source of the news: Hugo Chavez grateful for the support received in a new video with his daughters

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Two Ways May 7, 2014

Saying on the ticket death of our Jair brother, for the glory: I know that, in that day, Mr. Deus spoke to me, for its intermediary, that the same would leave. I was a little acquired knowledge, therefore the Spirit testified that the same he would not be sarado, was a little chocking, but what more I am contented it is that I had the privilege of being chosen by God to know anticipatedly was everything as Mr. Deus spoke to it. Tranquila was a death: The same it asked for to take off the oxygen balloon, and I was holding the hand of it saying for it that it would go stops next to our God and that there he would not feel more pains and he would have only peace, joy.

Two sisters had started to praise the Mr., and, in way to the cnticos, the Jair brother broke for Glory ‘ ‘ (Extracted of the Letter that I received from the Dineide sister de Maria Rabbit Pine, Av. Avelino Keys, 856? Center /Sena Madureira AC/datada of day 09/01/96). The Two Ways To pray Are of utmost importance clarify that two ways exist to search the face Mr. our Deus. The Bible leaves well clearly that we can in such a way pray the Mr. in our heart (in silence) as we can pray in high voice, that is, clamando It.

Let us see: 1) Conjunct in the Heart (in silence): ‘ ‘ today I arrived at the source, and said: SIR, God of mine Mr. Abrao, if you now prosper my way, in which I walk, here it is that I am next to the water source; either, therefore, that the maiden who to leave to take off water and which I to say: I ask for to you, of – me a little of water of your water jug; to say it me: You drink and also I will take off water for your camels; this is the woman who assigned to the son of mine Sir to you. before I finished to say in my heart, here it is that Rebeca left with its water jug on its shoulder, it went down to the source and it took off water; I said to it: I ask for to you.

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