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Introduction To Feng Shui June 19, 2013

Introduction Feng Shui Design a bit of my story I remember that back in the? 70, I met who was then my great friend and excellent Brazilian painter, Rally Ribeiro, today disappeared, for which organize a vernissage, which was my debut as an organizer, and I think that I put so much love and passion that I always have the feeling that I could never overcome that event, for my was very beautiful and meaningful, on a site that exists also today called Kiruna. Knowledge of the I Ching was precisely Sally that introduced me to the study of the I Ching and its multiple secrets. I already had a fairly important formation in Eastern culture, from having read Hesse, began to internalize me by yoga and Zen Buddhism. While the two cultures have common general principles, each one develops its own cosmogony. However, my knowledge of Zen were extremely important when it comes to understand the meaning of the I Ching.

The Metablizacion West of the Feng Shui for those who do not buy anything from the oriental culture in the I Ching and General, in particular, this comment perhaps deem a nonsensical. But deep nothing farthest to gain access to the knowledge of Feng Shui, without ulterior motives. The Westernization of some of the ideas of Feng Shui, is not more a surface metabolization of isolated concepts brought to structures of Western thoughts that anything having to do with the essence of Feng Shui. Feng Shui inside the cosmogony Global China the Feng Shui is not a separate domain within Chinese culture. Unlike our culture, everything divides it, individualizes, sectioned, classified; the oriental culture is part of a global conception of the world, where each element contains the whole and the whole to each element, in a reciprocal relationship. Eastern thought in general and Chinese in particular is reluctant to sever the world, sees reality as an integrated whole and related where each party plays his game according to the rest, in an energy exchange in constant balance dynamic.

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How To Overcome The Fear Of Failure June 13, 2013

Within every human being there is a source of great resources, with amazing powers, to achieve what you want and make us strong and brave. Since long time ago human beings have this, wrongly pursued outside of us and forget about search in the only place where can find it within ourselves. There are ways and ways to find the roads: nowadays there are many paths to strengthen us to make the best of ourselves, but there are serious and real roads and roads false and misleading. I have always recommended to my patients and students before boarding a growth path seeking what is the origin of this technique or school, how much time must of have been created and that results have gained followers, since not everything that glitters in the Sun is golden. There are two ways that very successfully meet these parameters, are: Yoga 1.Kundalini and 2.Psicotera pia Gestalt 1. Kundalini Yoga: Hindu discipline with a seniority 5mil years before Christ, it arrives to the West in the 1960s by Yoghi Bhajan and helped heal thousands of people around the world through its powerful techniques. This sacred technology helps us to find the power staff that all carry inside becoming us, strong, relaxed and confident.

Through tools such as. * Kriyas: Series of exercises with a given objective, for example, there are Kriyas to release tension in the nervous system, to strengthen the self-esteem, learn to breathe so you calmes you or actives you to balance your glandular system, to release toxic emotions, to remove impurities from the body, to strengthen the Aura (electromagnetic field around the human body and which serves as protection) to activate our brain and increase our intelligence and creativity, and many more with different objectives. * Relaxation: After a Kriya Yoga, you should relax, and is the best time to do so, to relaxation through incorporated new patterns of power Yoga does in your body, and after a short relaxation that follows to Yoga exercises you feel as if you’d slept 8 hours or more; You will feel deeply rested.

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